Aluminium acoustic barriers

A uniform appearance for noise barriers is a thing of the past regardless of whether the barrier is a long continuous run or a single individual unit. Today`s acoustic barrier must live up the demands of having character while being able to fit in with its surroundings.

By featuring different elements in individual colours, even the standard programme offers extensive design potential.
By combining vertically or diagonally constructed units with niches and tree-bays, differing colours on either side and items from the accessories programme - there is no limit to what your imagination can produce.

Anti-graffiti coating:
Forster`s aluminium acoustic protection elements can be produced with a special anti-graffiti coating. This allows subsequent, residue-free removal of aerosol paint, spray paint and coloured marker pen daubs. It is also possible to repeat cleanings after renewed graffiti attacks.

Highly absorbent units at St. Johann / Engstetten (near Haag)

Overhanging units on the Prater High Road, Vienna

Combined units at LSW Rautenweg, Vienna

By using aluminium, which is resistant to sea water and offers high resistance to corrosion, minimal maintenance is required. This allows the system to enjoy a 30 year life span.

Forster noise protection walls as well as the accessories are available in many alternative styles (for information on technical details please press the relevant button):

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