Aluminium acoustic cladding

Where concrete walls are located at tunnel entrances and exits, noise cannot spread outwards so that a convergence and concentration of noise occurs because of multiple reflections.
In order to keep these emissions to a minimum or, alternatively to abserb them, it makes sense to install noise absorbing wall cladding.

Essential factors helping the customer to decide in favour of Forster equipment include the maintance-free nature of the product and the long life span (circa 30 years). This is combined with excellent environmental balance of Forster noise protection products (which include high recycling factors, no emission of poisonous substances, environmentally protective coatings and no waste management costs).

Further advantages are, amongst other things, the relatively low cost, the flexibility of the systen, as well as the wide choice in colours (RAL + SIKKENS + NCS).

You can obtain Forster noise protection cladding in production models Type F2 high absorbency and Type 3 high absorbency (the difference from F2 being the additional space between the front wall and the plate).

All units can be freely combined and can be assembled vertically and horizontally

Noise protection cladding in the Schwarzach tunnel

Schillerpark Underpass in Waidhofen/Ybbs

Noise protection cladding

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