Mobile shelving systems

Mobile shelving installations combine maximum storage capacity with optimum space usage and organisation in an ideal form. In addition they are virtually maintenance-free, extremely reliable and require minimum servicing.

Particularly important to the operation of the latest systems is the methodical approach taken before installation even commences:

1. Works from the basis of an all-embracing analysis of the requirements. The present storage capacity, the likely future development, the needs of the user groups as well as the specific structures within the administration and organisation of the client commissioning the contract are all taken into account.
2. The second area of analysis embraces the assessment of space, conditions in existing buildings and advice on the best possible design solutions at the early stages of a project.
3.Based on these criteria, Forster specialists develop an optimum installation concept

Mobile shelving subdivides into two product groups:

FOREG 2000

This system for large layouts has already proved its worth in many archives, libraries and museums as well as in commercial organisations.

Renowned universities (for example, those in Oxford, Cambridge, Vienna, Bochum), public institutions (for example, the British Library, the Austrian National Library,the Swiss Cantonal Lirary in Berne, and the State Department in Berlin) and corporate organisations (such as Siemens, BBC London, the Swiss National Bank) are all testimony to our long years of experience in the development of large projects and the high standard of our products.

FOREG 2000-L

This mobile shelving system was developed primarily for filing and archives in offices which exist, to all intents and purposes in every business.

The most important advantages are the simple construction together with the height-adjustable rails so that the platform construction to be erected on any base. If you move, the shelving system can just be taken with you.

Many of the shelving installations can be delivered with variations in finish and with a wide choice of accessories.

The choice of drive method dor a mobile shelving installation, which is specifically selected for each different application, follows detailed analysis and advice.

On large-scale projects, storage and archival solutions are specifically developed to meet the requirements of the customer!!

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